Mobile Veterinarian


Mission Statement

RAAM Innovative Veterinary Solutions Inc. is a corporation that was started by Dr. Rod Arad and Jasmine Raymond to bring quality, compassionate, and convenient care to peoples homes. Our corporation prides itself on educating our clients, we believe that with the necessary knowledge the client can work with the medical team to formulate the best treatment plan. We want to work hand in hand with our owners to make the best decisions that will benefit their pets. RAAM is constantly looking for ways to aid in local and international veterinary outreach programs. Our goal is to use our industrious and erudite nature to help us to improve the quality of life of our traditional and exotic pets. 

Full Service Mobile Clinic


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What Pet Owners Say

"Knowledgeable and they listen"

"My boy Max struggled with ear problems for years, Jasmine and Dr. Rod instantly knew how to treat him"

Chris and Kazz

"Great Service"

"They provided great service and treated my cat with care!"

Tom Rankin

"Kind & Loving"

"Jasmine and Rod were kind & loving to my Duke. He loved them!

Eva Kendall