About Us 

RAAM Innovative Veterinary Solutions Inc. was established with convenience, education, and outreach in mind. We believe that the best treatment plan for our patient is formulated with well-educated clients. In order for an animal to have the best quality of life, we need to identify key risk factors and that requires that we work closely with our clients. They need to be active participants in building the most effective care plan for their pets, a convenient method to ensure that their pet lives a long and healthy life. 

Convenience is crucial, client should be able to rest assured that their pet will be treated in an efficient stress fee manner. RAAM is constantly innovating ways to make the exam and treatment process as stress-free as possible for the owner and the pet. We welcome our clients to give us their opinions on how we can serve them or their pet better. We want to make a collaborative effort to make yours and your pets experience seamless. At RAAM your pets are our pets and we treat them like family. 

Outreach is critical to making sure that future clients are educated and that soon to be adopted pets receive the best treatment possible. We are always eager to help rescues/shelters/educational facilities in order to make their jobs easier and to ensure that future adoptees are in good health. When dealing with exotic animals there are a lot of intricacies that go into giving them a proper environment. With proper outreach we can educate people so that they can make the appropriate decisions before adopting and/or what it would entail to properly care for their pet. In the end knowledge is the most effective way to make sure that both the pet and the owner get the most out of their veterinary experience. It is for this reason that we at RAAM take our education very seriously, both technicians and doctors attend a varied assortment of educational symposiums. We take every opportunity to build upon our veterinary knowledge so that we can offer the most up to date medicine to our pets. It also affords us the capability to give clients a better understanding of our medicine and different treatment options that are available. RAAM cooperates with several non profit organizations in order to disseminate what we have learned and to find out from them what problems most effect their animal populations. This allows us to better service our patients and hopefully, decrease disease prevalence in the selected population. 

RAAM Innovative Veterinary Medicine Inc. was founded to help educate, increase quality of life and make veterinary medicine more convenient.  Our passion is to constantly improve our relationship with our clients so that they can have a seamless veterinary experience. Working with our community and nonprofit organization we believe that we can contribute to overall pet well being that can have a wide range of effects.